Why Sugar Scrubs

Body scrub products available for purchase are often expensive and contain chemical stabilizers and artificial fragrances. With ingredients often already in the cupboard you can make a variety of scrubs that are not only inexpensive but all natural.
Ingredients include sugar (white, brown, or Cain), oil (almond, coconut, and olive are most common), natural fragrances (extracts or essential oils), honey, caffeine (coffee or tea), oats, and other things can be added as well.

Health Benefits of:

A humectant hydrating the skin
A topical exfoliant removing the layer of dead skin to reveal healthy skin
A natural source of Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA) promoting younger looking skin

A natural antiseptic/antibacterial agent reducing the microbial and bacterial risk of infection to tissue and skin

A vasoconstrictor tightens and shrinks blood vessels
An antioxident cutting down on free radicals that damage and destroy cells
coffee beanstea
Address dry skin issues like itchiness and rashes.
Contains beta-glucan which removes dead skin, moisturizes, enhances wound healing, and improves collagen disposition among other things.

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